Andrew Champion's AMAZING Web Page


Nobody will use the internet if it is incomplete, so I promise to work on this.


Andrew "Champs" Champion's AMAZING Web Page!

Hi. My name is Andrew Champion (some call me "Champs")and I am on the internet. Please make this website your homepage because I will update it regularly. For the best possible experience I also suggest that you upgrade to Netscape, and set your screen to at least 800x600 with 256 colors.

Just so you know, this is not a FREE PORN website. If you came looking for FREE PORNOGRAPHY then you will be disappointed, because there are no PICTURES OF NAKED WOMEN or anything else of the sort.

In my free time I like to play Doom, and my favorite TV shows are The Simpsons and Seinfeld. I still miss The Cosby Show.

If the lines are busy at AOL, and you can't see my webpage, I suggest that you change your ISP to Netcom. They have very reasonable hourly rates, and the lines are almost never busy.

Things Champs Likes

  • Altavista the king of all search engines
    1. Yahoo!
      If Altavista is too hard, Yahoo! is really awesome too. It's like yellow pages for the INternet
    2. FREE PORN
    3. Netscape Navigator
      Way better than Mosaic.
    4. Trumpet Winsock
      No more dialing into a BBS, just use Trumpet to connect straight to the internet.
    5. eToys is SO cool, you can buy toys on the internet. Maybe someday we can order pizza on the internet too
    6. Jamie Zawinski is a programmer at Netscape and a super cool guy
    Yes I know that some of these things do not work in your browser, but I am still learning HTML and writing it by hand. Thank you for visiting my web page. Just
    This page has been visited times, even though it has no FREE PORN